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Wednesday, April 30 2008

My friends ask me often how they can monetize their blogs.  There are many ways to do it, and the article below gives from great tips on using AdSense to do this.  I currently use AdSense on my other WordPress blogs - with great results.


Increase Your Low Traffic Blog's AdSense Earnings
By Anthony Schiffbauer

Using Wordpress as an emulsifier to generate extra cash using Adsense seems to be a no-brainer these days. Many have experimented with a multitude of Wordpress templates to try to portray a professional look, while at the same time, thinking that if a users thinks the site looks pro, that user would be more inclined to click the Adsense ads. This is completely not true.

I too have experimented a number of ways to try to increase my Adsense earnings, but many have fallen short. Sometimes the simplest approach is the best. From my experience I have learned what has an hasn't worked with increasing Adsense earnings. I will say one thing, if you don't have the traffic then you will definitely need a high click-through rate to even find any value in maintaining your Wordpress blog if your intentsions are soley for Adsense earnings. Below are a few tips:

Only use the textual ads. If you are using the link untits, use the horizontal version and no more than three links wide. My pay per click experience will tell you that the top three ads are ussually the highest bidders. This way you are weeding out the lower bidders and therfore increasing your possibiulity of higher earnings.

We have been taught that "blending" is the way to go with tricking users into thinking that the ads are actually part of your website. This is not true. I've actually achieved a jump in my CTR with ads that actually look like clickable links. It seems purley psychological...if it looks like a link, it must be a link and therefore I must click the link. So the take away from this is to have the urls in a color that looks as much as a link as possble.

User small block text ads at the beginning, as a floating item and at the end of each of your posts. I've seen an increase in my CTR by simply closing an article with a small block of Adsense ads.

These simple techniques, when used properly can actually increase your CTR, which is a good thing if your site simply doesn't have the traffic. Increasing your chances of a click can be your money maker.

Sometimes it is tough to get started with converting your Wordpress template, but don't fret...Tony Rocks has actually created a template that they have successfully used to get double-digit CTRs with a number of their clients. The template is ugly, but if it brings home the bacon then it can't be all that bad.

The template is called SuperSense and it is free to download. All you need to do is activate the template in Wordpress and then add your Google Adsense publisher ID.Want to learn more about making friends and picking out the right gift? Visit and discover what it takes to meet new people, make friends and make an impression with the perfect gift.

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Thursday, April 24 2008

With so many work at home opportunities out there, it is hard to tell which are legitimate, and which are of dubious origin.  This article has some great tips on telling the difference between a real opportunity, and someone who is just out to get your hard earned money.  And as always, trust your instincts.  If an opportunity seems too good to be true, it probably is.


How To Spot A Homeworking Scam
By Chris Gilmour

Before I started a home working business online, I was the most skeptical person ever. I saw online home businesses as a means to get scammed. If you look at many websites that offer a "golden opportunity to get rich working from home", you will find that many are indeed scams. One way to notice really is by reading the whole site. Do not believe anyone who says that you can make $1,000,000 in 30 days from scratch on the Internet. I have researched the whole internet and found no proof that this can be done by someone without any prior knowledge of internet income creation. The only way that this might, just might work, would be if you have a huge amount of money already and you are going to spend it all on Google ads. Then there is no guarantee that you'll reap the rewards.

Apart from the obvious, there are other ways. The biggest, apart from belief, essentially is your own research. Before I started a home business online I had one simple rule. Check out a home business opportunity then type it in the search engine with the word "scam" and in most cases there would be articles written by people who have been scammed doing the home business in question, and more often, if there were more reports of scams for the home business idea than there were positive, side with those who have been burned and stay away.

One of the best ways to spot a home working business scam is subscription costs. Now before you think that every home business opportunity that requires subscription is a scam, please don't think this. However, many scams offer a small amount to be parted with - say $10-20 - and advise no refund. People think it is better to lose $10 than $100 and the hassle of chasing $10 often isn't worth it but to someone who scams on the net, 100 people paying $10 for a subscription for nothing is $1,000 a day. That's $365,000 per year! The logic is simple but the final sum is huge. You should go with a home business that has been around for years, with many people doing it successfully and research of the internet will find this.

Often scammers will have 1 site and nothing else or a couple of sites linking to each other to try and seem like a legal and legitimate home based business opportunity .

Checking domain registrations are also a good indicator. You can check domain registrations easily and those registrations that don't provide all the relevant information I would suggest to stay clear from.

Check to see if the home business website is registered as a company in the website's hosting country. Some countries require website owners to be registered as a company (in Australian for a domain you need an ABN) and ABN details can be checked by the general public to ascertain if the company is genuine and legal.

Finally, the best piece of advice that I can give about online scamming websites is your own self belief. If it looks too good to be true (ie "Earn $1,000,000 in 30 days or we pay you $10,000") then stay away. Do not part with your hard earned cash chasing a dream and financing someone else's. Check everything and if you are certain that it is a home based business opportunity that you want to do, then I'll leave it up to you to take the plunge. But do remember, there are legal and legitimate home based businesses online. All you need to do is to ensure that you're going to start the one that isn't a scam.

Chris is the creator and writer of and advises people on home working legal practice.

Article Source:

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Monday, April 21 2008
Good Customer Service in Internet Business

Written by: G. Kaplan

Web Site:  
Leather Gift Items - Gift Items Etc

Good customer service is becoming more important to us in our daily lives due to the fact that we are continually being placed at the mercy of automation by companies that we depend on. One example is our banks. Banks provide many self service automated functions such as self-managed computerized banking, customer service via email (live chat had an early death). While the self-managed customer appreciates these features, that we are often charged for, there are other times when we really do need some old fashioned, good customer service.

Another example of customer service disappearance is that our private doctors do not take calls nor do their staff. We now must listen to long menu systems in order to chose the correct mailbox option, or to find out that your option does not even exist in the menu system, which is usually "I just want to talk to a staff member!"

With that said, I run an Internet-based leather accessory business. We make it our #1 priority to provide not good, but excellent customer service. It is really a rather simple choice to do so because as we know, our history follows us in life! At Leather Gift Items, we do a few things that seem to make a difference in our virtual 24/7 e-tailer business, which we would like to share with you.

1. We always respond to customer inquiries immediately, by phone if possible, otherwise by personal email, not an automated email. Tracking information and obvious communications such as order confirmations should be automated, for expediency and efficiency. However, that is as far as we take it. Each inquiry, each order, and each shipment is handled by a person and we try to interface with our customer personally, if at all possible.

2.  Good customer service can come in the form of anticipating a customer’s needs. Examples of good, bad or excellent customer service lie in the answers to these type of questions:

* Can the International customer actually return an item in less than 14 days if they live outside the United States?

* Can a customer contact me by an althernate method than email? Is that contact information information easy to find?

* Do I provide enough information, pictures, description about the products I sell for a customer to feel confident about their purchase?

* Are my communications to my customer courteous? "Please" and "thank you" are alive and well!

* Have I done my homework about the road blocks to good customer service, i.e. do spam filters continually block my communications?

* Am I able to set boundaries for customers who may take advantage, so that bad situations do not spin out of control?

* Have I spelled out my policies in easy view so customers do not have to wonder what the rules are?

* Do I go the extra mile when a customer has a special request?

* Do my customers feel like a number or do they feel that they have made a connection when they do business with me.

* Do my customers know that their orders are insured?

*  Do my customers know how returns are handled?

* Do I provide tracking information and a way for the customer to monitor the delivery of their order so they can be home to receive the product?

* Do I provide quality merchandise and does it match the customer expectations?

* Do I stand behind my policies?

Perhaps if each of us tries harder at our own customer service, we will have it returned to us. Give us a try! We try hard for you by providing the best leather accessories, leather briefcases, laptop bags and laptop cases by top designers at the right prices at
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Thursday, April 17 2008
Marcia Buckie
Barefoot Books

What is the name of your business?
Barefoot Books

Where are you from?
Metro Detroit/Michigan

Are you married kids, pets, etc?
I have been married for 14 years.  I have
two children: Elizabeth almost 4 &
James 2.  I also have 5 cats.

Do you have any hobbies?
Many!  Scrapbooking, writing, travel,
movies, reading.

How long have you been in business?
4 years.  

What do you love most about your business?
That in the end, I am doing something that feeds
my soul, and being part of a creative, vibrant,
conscientious community.
I am not selling for the sake of selling. This is an
endeavor I am proud of and never feel like money
is wasted when you buy a book for child.

What has been your biggest challenge?
Finding time, competing for consumer dollars!

What has been your greatest strength?

That I never stop learning when I am a bookseller.
I have the most amazing conversations with
prospective customers, kids and other
stallholders/homesellers.  When I read the books
to my kids, I learn something new, be it a fact
about a country.

What has been your biggest achievement?
I won a trip to Cambridge Massachusetts in
November 2005 for best sales!

Where would you like to be in 10 years?
I would like to still be involved in this company
and be able to add significantly to my family's
income with it.

What advice would you give women starting out in
home busine
If you are not a born sales person, pick a product or
company that fits "what you are about." Make sure its a
reputable company.  Budget your time and energy
appropriately.  Set realistic goals - don't get frustrated
or give up because you are not making thousands of
dollars working 10 hours a week LOL.  Don't believe
people who say you can make money quick and easy.
There is probably a big catch.

Please tell us about your business opportunity/s:
The Barefoot Book stallholder program is set up to be
flexible for a "hobbyist" or as a serious income stream,
and compensates according to sales volume.
Start up costs:
the only mandatory cost is : $39.99 registration
optional: starter kit $79.99
website $59.99 per 6 months
Sales of $500 retail in a 12 month rolling period. If you
don't meet that, you can opt to re-enroll for $39.99.
Upfront discount is 20%, and increases in steps based
on your cumulative sales 24%, 28%, 33%
As you sponsor new team members, you will receive
commissions based on your personal sales volume, and
the sales of your team (3% first generation, 2% second
You can do home parties, book fairs, festivals, one to
one sales, fundraisers, etc.
Great to meet you Marcia!

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Thursday, April 10 2008
I came across this wonderful blog that is chocked FULL of freebies for your business.

There are numerous categories:  banking, computers, advertising, business travel - you name it, there is a free resource for it on this blog.

Give it a visit and put it in your favorites - it is a great resource...
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Wednesday, April 09 2008
This is a nice article with some GREAT information...  Thought I would pass it along...



Just because you have a website does not mean that people will find you.  Building a website is one thing but getting traffic is another.  Here are some ideas for promoting your web site without the cash out lay.

Viral marketing is getting people to recommend your site by emailing a friend your URL.  Then that friend sends the link to 5 or 6 friends and each of those individuals send to 9 or 10 friends.  Before long there are 100’s of people visiting your site because a friend told them about you.  This is an extremely important and free method of getting people to your website.  Get a Recommend this Site script from websites such as and similar directories of scripts. Some even go as far as giving incentives to those who recommend the site to their friends.

Search engine ranking is one of the most important keys to your success.  Research shows that you want to create a niche market, do your research, and then create content and offer a product that is in demand.  You want to be “THE” authority in your market niche.  A great resource for understanding search engine optimization is  “26 steps to 15K a day.

Send out press releases using as many internet resources as possible.  You can find several that are free.  A press release will attract media attention and create back links to your site.  A back link is when another site places your link on their site.  Search engines like this and it will help your ranking.  Contact all of your friends and family that have email and ask them to bookmark your site as well to create back links.

You can create back links to your site by writing articles for other sites.  In return for the article that creates content for the site owner they will allow you to place a link to your site from the article.  Imagine writing 3 or 4 articles and having 20 or 30 sites posting those articles.  That could result in 100 back links to your site! 

You can also use Free Classified sites to create back links.  They may not create a ton of traffic but they will create back links for you.  The more back links you have the better!

·          Craigslist

·          Google Base


·          Yahoo Classifieds

·          Classifieds for Free

·          US Free Ads

·          Text Link Exchange



Take a look at syndicating your site by using a RRS feed.  When using an RRS feed you reserve a portion of your site where there is a constant feed of information about weather, jokes, motivation or news. 

Diane Gardner has been an entrepreneur owning many successful businesses over the past 30 years.  She currently owns several websites and generates over a million dollars in revenue each year from her internet ventures.  Her biggest passion is to help other women succeed at home and in business.  You will find helpful article, coaching forums, and much more at


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Monday, April 07 2008

I am Susan Barlow. I have 4 boys (ages 11,9,6,2). I homeschool, am very involved in my church and work part-time from home.  In our business, you make $1,000 or more on every sale and have the benefit of a lifetime membership to wholesale travel and 100's of vacations (many of them are FREE where all you pay are processing and port fees/taxes).  You can also give away unlimited vacations to family and friends!

This is not a timeshare, MLM or network marketing **We are a Christian-based team and member of the BBB **Can work P/T or F/T.

God Bless,

Susan Barlow



Message brought to you by one of our advertisers at  We have many ad options.  See how you can advertise your business here.

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