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Sunday, January 15 2012
A new year often means a new beginning in more ways than one. New Year's resolution to eat better, and get in shape. I try to eat clean and organic whenever I can, so I am excited to post Gene & Emily Stanford's article as they share a new Organic company - Beyond Organic:

You may know my good friend and natural health expert Jordan Rubin, CEO of Garden of Life, and author of The Maker's Diet.

Jordan is about to launch a new ORGANIC company in LESS than 10 Days!

Be the FIRST to learn about it by clicking on this video...


Over a decade ago, Jordan started Garden of Life, one of the leading nutritional supplement companies in America in his parent's friend's garage with his dad's credit card and a dream. 

Now you can be part of Jordan's new vision!  This is truly a ground floor opportunity, and you can literally be one of the FIRST people in America to live Beyond Organic.

We have never been a huge fan of direct selling companies, which often produce inferior products at inflated prices.  However, Jordan's Organic Mission & Vision is worth hearing & sharing.

Gene & Emily Stanford

Geno & Em live in Chicago Suburbs with their two baby girls. They are Christians, Parents & Business Owners. They are McDonald's Franchisees and Emily is a Holistic Health Expert and Colon Hydrotherapist. Their mission together as a couple is to teach & train others how to build profitable businesses & become Entrepreneurs to impact their neighborhoods & communities.

*If you have EVER had a desire to be Profitable in a Home Business, THIS IS YOUR MOMENT!!
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Saturday, January 14 2012
Here's a useful article written by Denise Taylor of Sitesell Answers.  Great advice here for both novice and seasonsed Internet Marketers.
Five Easy Tips to Increase Traffic and Earnings
Many people want to establish an Internet presence to supplement their income or phase out their day job. Both of these objectives are perfectly reasonable if you take the right approach.
The first obstacle people face when going online is getting traffic. Most people can get a site up and running, but many struggle with getting traffic to their pages. Choosing the proper keywords, link building and creating high-quality, useful content are the standard fixes for accelerating traffic to a page.
Once you start getting traffic, though, how you treat your visitors can make all the difference. Here are five tips to optimize your visitor experience.
1. Give your visitor what he/she wants. If your page is about red wagons, make sure the content on that page contains high-quality, original content on red wagons. Don't use keywords to lure or fool your visitor with information about some other topic. Search engines frown upon this.
2. When choosing between your visitors' experience and making money, side with what is best for or will please your visitors. You will be rewarded for making your visitors happy and search engines do notice.
3. Know your target audience. The more you know and understand your visitor, the more you can step inside his/her shoes, anticipate their needs and provide what they are looking for.
4. When writing sales copy for your site or blog, use the knowledge in number three to put yourself in your visitors' shoes. What products are they looking for? What do they need? What are their concerns? Knowing this information can make it easier to convert traffic to sales.
5. How does your site or page look? Is it filled with annoying ads or spammy content? As the Internet ages, people tend to accept excessive advertising on the Web. However, less is more when it is done well. Conveying a valuable message and carefully placing monetization offers is much more effective. It can improve credibility as well.
The key principle is to truly connect with your visitor in ways that are engaging, valuable and real. Creating a site or blog filled with dead or mechanically created content might get you more pages, but it will not help generate sales or develop a following.
Think of your favorite shopkeeper or restaurateur. Do they greet you and spend time to make sure you are finding what you need and enjoying your experience? Or do they shove you along, forcing you to experience things you don't like? Undoubtedly, you will prefer the place where you are treated like a king or queen.
If you like these things, so do your visitors. Why not give them what they need and want. Your site will spread by word if mouth, search engines will like you and you will find monetizing a much easier and rewarding.           
Denise Taylor is a representative for SiteSell Answers and helps people on the Internet expand their e-businesses. She works to correct misconceptions about Site Build It! and the Site Build It Scam Google bomb.
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Tuesday, January 10 2012
Neil Foote, Foote Communications, LLC
Make This Your New Year’s Resolutions: Improve Your Credit Score
(Washington, DC – January 3) As you’re making your New Year’s resolutions, consider taking the important step of improving your credit score, and in the long run, strengthening your financial well-being.
You’re not alone as so many Americans are dealing with the reality of maxed out credit card bills after a busy holiday gift-buying season on top a year when paying bills has gotten harder due to the nation’s prolonged weak economy. 
To kick off the New Year, Dionne Perry, sales director of Financial Education Services, is offering a free seminar on improving your credit score between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Saturday, January 14 at the Women’s Professional Building, 3905 Georgia Ave., NW, Suite 200, Washington, D.C.  To reserve a seat, call her at 703.593.5488.
 “More today than ever before our increasingly tight credit market demands a high credit score,” says Perry, who has been a licensed mortgage broker and certified loan-signing agent. “Most lenders use credit scores when deciding whether to approve consumers for loans or credit.  It also determines your ability to get a car loan, the premium on your auto or homeowners insurance and even your ability to get a job.”
The higher your credit score (720 and above), the more likely it is that you can get loans, refinance your mortgage and in some cases, land a new job or get a promotion.  A low credit score (below 720) is not the end of the world, Perry says, but you can do something about it.  Of course, paying your bills on time is always essential, but that can be tough nowadays if you’ve had to take a cut in salary or been laid off.
“This is the time of year when you need to look at your credit score, and if it’s below 720, you need to do something about it,” Perry says. “Over the past year, I’ve been working with hundreds of individuals who didn’t know what to do about removing outdated, inaccurate and unverifiable information from their credit report that were lowering their scores. Millions of inaccurate items have been removed from consumers' credit reports since the Fair Credit Reporting Act was passed. Because your financial health revolves around your credit score, it is important that the information your credit report contains be as accurate and up-to-date as possible.”
Perry is available for free consultation or to conduct credit repair seminars by contacting her by email at or by phone at 703.593.5488. For more information about her expertise and other services she offers, go to
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