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Wednesday, February 22 2012
Enjoy burning a candle in your home that is all natural, practially no
soot and clean.  Easy clean up with warm soapy water.  These are The
Best Performing Candles!  We offer the flameless candles by using your
simmer pots with our Mia Melts. We also have a line of Beauty
Natural Mineral Cosmetics, Bath Bars that are made with soy products
that help repair collagen and restore elasticity to mature skin.  
Looking for a easy way to make some money and get your products at
wholesale!  This is your business, No Term Committments, No Quotas,
Enjoy working at your pace!  Here is 4 ways to bring a profit to you:
Retail, Wholesale, Fund-Raising, Residual! 
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Monday, February 20 2012
I have seen some really cool new business lately, and Jamberry Nails is no exception.  If you like a nique polished manicure look in very little time - check out the details below!

With Jamberry Nails now accepting new consultants in their "pre-launch" phase, this means that you will be an established consultant before their national launch in March 2012. This is a great opportunity to be part of a ground floor company & have the chance to build a sales team under you.

Jamberry Nail shields are professional quality nail shields that last 2-3 weeks on fingers and 6-8 weeks on toes! They aren't made of nail polish so they won't chip or crack & they aren't harmful to your nails!  They are applied with heat and pressure to form a water tight seal.  With over 170 designs, there is something for everyone!
Jamberry Nails are so easy to sell! All you have to do is wear them on your fingers and/or toes, and everywhere you go , people will notice them and ask you about them! It does not get any easier!

If you haven't heard of Jamberry yet - chances are you have an amazing opportunity in your area! Some states still have zero consultants! And with less than 1300 nationwide - there is LOTS of opportunity for sales and recruiting.  My websites have more information: and

Both websites also include an application video.

Please email me at for more information! I would love to tell you more about Jamberry & their successes!

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Thursday, February 02 2012
10 Tips for Writing Articles for the Internet
by James Adams

The amount of information available on the Internet has greatly altered effective writing techniques. Authors no longer employ the tried and true methods of creating valuable content for the reader. With many Internet users able to access the information they desire at their fingertips, they have become accustomed to locating pertinent material quickly. As such, written content for the web should be geared to help the web reader meet this objective. Below are 10 tips for writing articles for the Internet.

1. Paragraphs Should Be Short And To The Point

Focus on every word and getting the point across in as few sentences as possible. Content that contains extraneous details is usually ignored and the audience will go elsewhere to satisfy their information needs.

2. Explain The Purpose Of The Article In The First Paragraph

A typical article written for the web includes an introduction that summaries the problem and then provides a brief explanation of how the rest of the article will provide the solution.

3. Unique Content Is Crucial

With a number of different bloggers and websites vying for the attention of the World Wide Web audience, devising content that offers value and provides material not found elsewhere is a strong incentive for users hungry for information.

4. Target Your Audience

Form your content to attract the particular audience that will find it useful. Not all people are interested in every piece of information about a particular topic. Instead, revise the content so that it speaks directly to the individuals that will gain the most benefit from the article.

5. Keep Your Language Simple

Use concise and easy to understand language. Most readers of web based content prefer simple to read and digest information. Any terms that may need further explanation or clarification should be defined.

6. Remember SEO

Remain conscious of the words used within the article. Keywords and SEO tactics are the rule rather than the exception for written material on the web. Most people will find the content from search engines and tend to use specific words to locate this information. Specific keywords will allow the article to rank high within the search engine results.

7. Share The Particulars About The Topic

If the article presents the author as an expert on the subject, it will gain the readers trust. Users that feel the author understands their topic well will return to read additional articles that this writer creates.

8. Formatting Helps To Organize The Content

With the proper use of lists, graphics, punctuation and formatting elements, users will have an easier time digesting the material. With the appropriate amount of attention grabbing structuring of the content, the user will find the content that relates to their needs.

9. Back Your Information Up

Provide additional resources and opinions that support the message. One of the major issues that affect web based content is the ability for users to find trustworthy and reliable information. Much of the content is full of misstated facts and conjecture. Include valid sources within the article to lead credence to the issues being discussed.

10. Proofread The Article

Take the additional time needed to ensure that all factual, grammar and spelling errors are eliminated. Nothing will distract or discourage users more than content that has been poorly crafted. Instead, the extra efforts to plan the material and ensure correctness will engage the reader and allow them to feel the article is useful. As with all forms of writing, creating articles for the Internet takes practice. Allowing users to provide feedback and reviewing existing articles will assist the interested party in improving upon their writing skills. Utilizing the aforementioned 10 tips for writing articles for the Internet will assist in creating content that is both useful and well received. Combining these suggestions with other writing improvement techniques will result in user friendly articles.

James is currently involved with a
printer cartridge shop in Manchester, where he blogs and talks about Hewlett Packard toner at length.
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Thursday, February 02 2012

Here is an informative article by Pamela Koleszar that gives a brief look at some things to consider before signing on with a Direct Sales Opportunity:

Are You Considering a Direct Sales Business
by: Pamela Koleszar

Initial Considerations

When thinking of starting your own direct-sales, home-based business, the first consideration is usually the startup cost. That's not the only, nor is it the most important, thing to ponder.

At the point of judging your own fitness or ability to start a business, you have probably been approached by someone who is already selling the product. You are probably a fan of the product. You have probably been told or have thought "The products sell themselves!" Unfortunately, that's just not true of any direct-sales product. If it were, the manufacturer would open a website linked to the warehouse, spend its budget on advertising, and forget about sharing profit with consultants. Selling these products will require you to be a good salesperson, with great marketing skills, the ability to find new customers, and good interpersonal communication. You will likely also have to be a good recruiter, as many organizations offer the best compensation to those who have a team or downline of personally recruited members.

Another problem to weigh heavily is developing your customer base. Is the person recruiting you a friend, family member, co-worker? If so, your potential customers already have a consultant. Who else is there to buy from you? Will you be able to convince any of them to sign up? Or will you present the same customer base problem for them? How often do you truly meet new people?

You may be able to avoid one issue of customer base increase, if the product you choose to sell is consumable. Some direct-sales products are not consumable (kitchen items, jewelry, purses, etc.) and after one order, your customer may not need or want anything else for a while. One key to success in direct sales is repeat business. A consumable product, such as skin care products, food, scrapbooking supplies, and more, will make a subsequent purchase more likely. Do your research and find a product you can believe in that will generate recurring orders monthly (ideally).

There are many direct-sales businesses available today, and each has positive and negative points. The best time to join is at or near business startup, after determining the product is worthwhile. When a business already has multiple established consultants in your area, it will be more difficult for you to make your splash. Some of the available opportunities have websites that will show you how many consultants there are in a particular geographic area, and that may be research you want to undertake before sending in your check.

Additional Research

You should do your own research into any business you want to begin, more than just talking to a recruiting consultant who is seeing dollar signs over your head. Below I have listed important points about a few of the direct-sales businesses that are popular in my area. This is by no means a complete list, nor should you rely on these numbers and information to make your final decision since they are subject to change almost daily.

All of this information was found on openly published websites and is not copyrighted or otherwise protected. Please note that all business names arecopyrighted and may not be utilized for the purpose of sales without prior permission of the company. Companies are listed in random order.

(click column header to sort results)
Business Name  
Product Type  
Startup Cost  
Reorder Requirements 
Recruitment Info  
Commission Rate  
Pampered Chef
80 / 159
must order $1250 in first 3 months; $100 in sales / month to remain active
Commissions earned on down-line sales
Mary Kay
Cosmetics/skin care
must order $200 wholesale (specific products) in first month; will remain active for two additional months
Commissions earned on down-line sales; advancement based on recruitment
Cosmetics/skin care/jewelry
10 / 20
must order "MOV" in order to receive discount; varies from $50-100
Wickless candles/warmers
must order $150 every three months to remain active
Leadership bonuses - 9%
lia sophia
$250 sales in a quarter to remain active
10% Commissions earned on down-line sales
$1000 to "qualify"; $200 in a three consecutive month period to remain active
2+% Commissions earned on down-line sales
Tastefully Simple
85 / 170
$400 retail (specific products less credits) per quarter to remain active
5% Commissions earned on (first-level) down-line sales
Creative Memories
Scrapbooking supplies
50 - 245
$500 retail in a consecutive three month period to remain active
Up to 20% Commissions earned on down-line sales
80 / 120
$250 personal retail sales within a four-month period to remain active
4-8% Commissions earned on down-line sales

Further Resources

For much more detailed information regarding direct sales, and to do your own research, I recommend (link below). This website has profiles of different businesses created by current consultants with links to the company websites.

There are other websites that can provide in-depth comparisons, lists of questions to ask, and more. A quick search can provide more information than you thought was possible. Do not be pressured into making a decision on the spot. Money spent quickly is often spent foolishly.

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